Julie Beedon

Julie is Chief Executive and her work includes:

  • International group leadership team – developing group purpose and planning work
  • International franchise team - strategic planning meeting
  • Various Mergers
  • Several Organisational redesign projects – design and implementation
  • Development and implementation of a variety of strategies – globalisation, commercialisation, quality, customer focus, communities, regeneration, and local involvement.

Skill Set

  • Principles and practices for engagement of people in change
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Principles and practices of the Learning Organisation
  • Team Development
  • Large scale meeting dynamics and design
  • Facilitation of large and small groups
  • Quality theory and practice
  • Organisational and process design
  • Graphic facilitation

Relevant experience includes:

Julie was a direct entrant Executive Officer and Management Trainee in the Civil Service having previously worked for GEC Marconi, Audits of Great Britain, The Ministry of Defence and serving in the Royal Navy. In the UK Employment Service Julie was Regional Quality Co-ordinator and Strategic Planner for the West Midlands Region. In this role she was responsible for working on the research, design, planning and implementation of a pioneering transformation programme involving all 5,000 people in the Region and achieving extraordinary successes.

In 1992 Julie discovered the power and possibilities for organisational and community change using large-scale interactive events. She has found that combining the speed and power of large group working, with innovative and participative development tools, creates high levels of engagement, commitment and involvement within organisations.

For the past 15 years Julie has designed and facilitated many large group events for a variety of clients and for a variety of reasons – mergers, strategy development, HR issues (values, behaviours) etc. She also coaches senior leaders - especially in relation to their role/behaviours during these processes.

Julie co-authored the book You Don’t Have to Do IT Alone with Robert Jacobs creator of Real Time Strategic Change and Dick and Emily Axelrod creators of The Conference Model.